Ph. D. Dissertation 

Jayhyun KIM Solenoid-free toroidal plasma start-up concepts utilizing only the outer poloidal field coils a conducting conterpost.(download)

Seongchong PARK

Study on diagnostics and dynamical properties of dust particles in plasmas.(download)

Sanghoo PARK

Study on electron properties of atmospheric pressure rf discharges using continuum radiation-based electron diagnostics.

Jongsub LEE

Development of High Efficiency Low Power Hall Thruster and Study of Plasma Plume Characteristics.

Joohwan HONG

Studies on modification of argon impurity transport by ECH in KSTAR plasmas.

Seyoun MOON

Study on discharge modes and characteristics of large-area plasma produced at atmospheric pressure.(download)

Holak  KIM 

Multiply charged ion generation and effects on performance and ion beam characteristics in Hall thruster plasmas.

Junghee KIM 

Analyses of the multi-step sawtooth crash behavior in the highly-elongated tokamak plasmas with the soft x-ray tomographic diagnostics.(download)

Changrae SEON

Analysis of nano-particle growth, dynamics and the particle control by UV irradiation on silane plasmas.(download)

Danbee KIM

Driving Frequency Effects on the Atmospheric Pressure Corona Jet Discharge.(download)

Hoyong PARK

Tomography and lens optical diagnostics of excitation temperature for plasma process monitoring application.(download)

Mihui SEO

Comparision of the Low Power Hall Plasma Thruster Performance according to the Geometrical Structure of Discharge Region.

Kilbyoung CHAI

Control of nano-particle generation, growth rate and crystallinity by changing external parameters in SiH4 plasma.(download)


Changes of cellular structure and behavior induced by atmospheric pressure.(download)

Seunghun LEE

Imaging diagnostics of KSTAR electron temperature based on reconstruction of soft X-ray tomography from limited number of sight lines.(download)

M. S. Dissertation 

Jewoo HAN

Control of argon atmospheric plasma characteristics by oxygen gas mixing.(download)

Hoyong PARK

Measurenet of dust particle charge in DC glow plasmas.(download)

Seunghun LEE

Tomographic reconstruction of KSTAR plasma phantoms using the Phillips-Tikhonov regularization method.(download)

Joonkyu RHEE

 α- and γ-mode discharge characteristics in a capacitively-coupled helium plasma at high pressure (100 Torr - 760 Torr).(download)

Youbong LIM

Discharge characteristics and fluctuation study in low power hall thruster plasmas.(download)